Myths About Leather Bags

The individuals with great choices admire the nobility of real Leather. The comfort, the shine and the texture the Leather product inherits are beyond expression and is just amazing.

It brings a complete change in the style statement of the individual. The impression that creates leather is just mind-blowing wherever you go around the world. It is unique, classy and represents a superior lifestyle.

But often you find yourself misguided or may come across many myths or misconceptions about leathers, its usage and about its durability, which may prevent you from owning a good quality leather product.

Here are some myths which you can avoid and you can buy your favorite leather product.

  • The Cost of the Leather determines its durability

If you think that only expending a huge amount of money can give you a long-lasting result in case of choosing the right leather product then you are mistaken.

There are different types of leather and leather products available in the market but you should always be aware of the quality of the product. The pricing of leather depends on a lot of different factors.

The tanning process is something that decides on the final cost of leather. Vegetable tanning is a bit more expensive than chrome tanned leather but many times vegetable tanned leather does not have that much quality since the leather is very thin and it is made from the hides of a goat.

Many brands charge high prices on the leather products as they have distributing agents working as the middleman. This increases the markup and customers have to pay increased prices whereas online brands focus on direct consumers’ approach and hence the pricing of products is much lower but the quality is similar.

  • There is a simple truth which is “More Expensive” doesn’t mean “Higher Quality”

Some luxury handbag industries enjoy high-profit margins especially in the world of fashion. And as we all suspect, that markup comes from luxury banding and the idea of exclusivity even though the product itself is arguably not much different than any other handbag. 

 We have come up with the idea that quality leather bags should be affordable and therefore our price margins are low(er than they ought to be) compared to the other similar brands. 

  • Leather Backpacks or Bags are super Heavy 

Leather Backpacks are not that heavy, as much you think, as they go under various processes and one of them is tanning. Tanning gives them a soft touch lightweight.

It is said that most of the celebrities love leather backpacks because they are lightweight and they have so much stuff to carry all over the world which already weighs a lot.

If anyhow you have Purchased a heavy leather bag or any other leather product then it’s not a genuine leather bag. Beware, while purchasing leather products because the only option you will have later is to “Regret”.

  • Leather Bags or leather products are not Waterproof or Weatherproof

This myth is next too impossible to digest, as leather bags are tanned and waxed just to be tough enough to stand against any weather.

There’s not a single doubt that genuine leather bags can stand strong in both direct sunlight and rain. Cracks are never formed in the leather bags which are made of genuine leather.

  • Leather Bags or Leather Backpacks are not good to carry on your Back

The Leather material and its tanning process have nothing to do with it. It all depends on the type of the bag, messenger bags and crossbody bags are not good when you are carrying heavyweight in them like laptops and its accessories.

The perfect and easiest way to carry your heavy stuff is to carry it in a backpack. If you have experienced back pain or shoulder pain, it is because of the wrong choice of leather bag you are carrying and not because of the quality of the leather bags.

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