Are you looking for a leather backpack or handmade leather bags?


We have the best collection of leather backpacks and handmade leather bags, which combines the natural beauty of handmade leather with the ruggedness of the vintage leather look.

This results in an elegant, timeless and sophisticated style for your leather backpack. Our leather bags and leather backpacks complement the formal or informal look.

Our handmade leather bags and travel backpack have ample storage and can accommodate laptops and other devices, as well as other everyday items, all securely fastened with our handmade leather covers and metal buckles. And the backpack is designed to carry all your daily essentials, including your Laptop and look good while you are carrying it.

The leather of these bags and backpacks is handmade and so soft to touch but extremely durable and weather resistant. They are individually crafted by hand to meet all your daily needs; they are multifunctional backpacks, made of high-quality handmade leather.

Functionality and durability combine with elegance and comfort.

These handmade leather bags are made of a natural material, therefore, each bag has its unique style with a slightly different color.  The style, durability, and quality of leather backpacks and other products are second to none.

As long as the leather is being used, it has become a vehicle for transporting objects.

Originally, there were just simple leather bags earlier. Today there is an infinite number of bag types that are being used in the form of a leather handbag, which is most widely used all over the World.

There is still an attractive and wide range of genuine leather bags and travel leather backpacks.

Handbags and leather bags have been around for many centuries and people are using them to date. Nowadays, there are leather bags and handbags in an infinite number of variations. 

There are infinite possibilities for designing handmade leather backpacks or leather bags.

Leather bags or travel leather backpacks can be used in different ways and can be carried in different variations

  • Leather Bags 
  • Leather Satchels
  • Leather Briefcase
  • Leather Travel Bags
  • Leather Shoulder Bags
  • Leather Backpack

Handmade Leather backpacks are the “bag of the moment” – fitting in with modern life and according to your needs, seamlessly as they’re better for your back than a shoulder bag, they carry your tech and other useful items in style and they keep your hands free for other usages. Even the lining of handbags and backpacks can be made of handmade leather.

Tips for getting leather Goods ready for Winters or any other Seasons

Just like we need cold creams and lotions to protect our skin from harsh winter dryness, similarly use leather creams, and balms to recondition handmade leather bags and leather backpacks to protect it from drying up and cracking. You should technically recondition leather once a month in winters to increase the life of the handmade leather bags and leather backpacks. 

Sunlight naturally takes out any dampness, excess moisture and kills the bacteria hiding beneath the surface of the goods which have been stored away for a long time. 3 hours of sunlight will be enough to do the job but do not overexpose the goods as it can result in color fading and dryness.

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